About Us

Weekly Press Release was established by Johan Geldenhuys and Dirk Klaasen in 2014. The goal of the website stems from the founder’s common opinion and realization that trustworthy and impartial news content has become rather scarce even though real time reporting capabilities have improved with the dawn of the internet age. Likewise, they consider that the apparent biased nature of certain publications and media agencies does not help to improve the industry of journalism as a whole.

Weekly Press Release is an independent press release distribution website that aims to deliver quality content for active and busy readers which seek information that makes a difference.

Johan and Dirk’s approach towards the news and information that is published is founded on the consideration that the quality of a news piece is more important than the quantity of news pieces that are available on the website at any given time.

We aim to deliver press releases from a wide range of diverse industries to satisfy the informational needs of anyone that visits Weekly Press Release and to create a fast source of quality information for the benefit of our readers.