Standards and Ethics

The central goal of Weekly Press Release is to keep busy and active individuals informed by publishing and distributing first-rate news content and information. Enabling our readers to have access to top quality news in a timely fashion is the foundation of our reputation and the driving force behind each of our endeavors.


Weekly Press Release’s objective is to distribute information in an impartial and objective manner without any form of bias, and to treat our readers, information sources and associates as intrinsic factors that determine our success in terms of coverage. We consider that our reputation rests solely on the manner in which we deliver newsworthy content. As such the entirety of WPR’s staff, from the news to the editorial department, has a similar interest of avoiding the emergence of any conflicts of interest.    


Weekly Press Release’s team has been dutifully guarding its integrity ever since our establishment in 2014. Regardless of any future achievement our foremost internal mission is to ensure that the probity of WPR is not stained in any form. Given the recent skepticism towards news content and the general doubts regarding the neutrality of news reports today it is of the utmost importance that WPR and its team upholds high journalistic guidelines in order to ensure that our reader’s trust in us will not be corroded or put into question.


As professional journalists we treat our online readers in a fair and open fashion, delivering complete and unadorned content and information to the best of our abilities. We rectify any mistake explicitly as soon as it is we become aware of it or the instant that it is brought to our attention, ensuring that any correction is prominently visible. Any member of the WPR staff that plagiarizes any material or purposefully provides false or misleading information towards publication betrays the confidence of our readers.